Saint Kitts, with its breathtaking beaches and hilly surroundings, rich history, and lively atmosphere, provides an outstanding Caribbean cruise experience. The Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts Habitat is one of the most sought-after shore excursions that attracts people when their ship docks at the place during crise trips. It is the place where guests of all ages can have up-close interactions with dolphins in their natural habitat. 

Whatever your preference – A romantic retreat, a fun-filled family outing, or solitary cruise excursions in St Kitts, there is something for everyone. This pace guarantees happy and unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime. You can book your excursion program with the Dolphin Discovery website. 

Types of dolphin tours

Dolphin excursions come in three types of packages: swimming, encounter, and observing (observation). Each offers unique and amazing opportunities to interact with these amazing marine creatures.

Dolphin watching or observation trips provide you the opportunity to see dolphins in their natural environment, which is typically deeper waters where you may see them do tricks and swim alongside the boat. There are often chances to see whales and sea turtles among the other marine creatures on these cruises.

The dolphin swimming tours allow guests to swim alongside dolphins in the natural waters. A more up-close contact with the dolphins may or may not be part of these adventures. You may have to choose dolphins encounter package for that. Such trips can offer you a very personal experience with a few amazing animals, such as:

  • Feeding them
  • Petting them
  • Kissing them
  • Playing with them.

Excursion highlights:

  • Immerse yourself in a remarkable Dolphin Swim Adventure in St. Kitts, an essential opportunity to interact with these lively, perceptive animals.
  • Enjoy specialized activities, get up close and personal with dolphins, and see them perform acrobatic feats in their natural environment.
  • Experience an exciting ride on a boogie board driven by dolphins over crystal-clear Caribbean waters. 
  • Professional trainers will teach you things about the ocean and its friendly species.
  • After the swim, take some time to unwind, go through your pictures, and take a shower to provide a rewarding and restful conclusion to your adventure.

Dolphin swim adventure

When you visit Saint Kitts, you will get an opportunity to interact with Dolphins at a much higher level like nowhere else. You get to swim with them and also personally engage them by interacting. You will get to know a few amazing facts about this friendly animal. While feeding them, you will know about the diets that they like, and other habits that you were not aware of. 

People of all ages love to bond with them, because such memories are priceless. Make your cruise trip unforgettable for your kids taking them to shore excursion at Saint Kitts.


If you prefer to visit Saint Kitts and go on a cruise, you will come across amazing beaches and a lively atmosphere and also learn about its fascinating history. Ther are many lovely places to see in the island but don’t miss the opportunity to have a close encounter these lovely and intelligent mammals.