A enjoyable bicycle trip while using Stillachtal in Oberstdorf: Take time to read this beautiful chapel. Consider the frescoes which are dated for the 1700s within the Appachkapelle. The Marienkapelle showcases the prettiest rococo altar within the upper Allgäu along with other beautiful art.

Right here are a handful of techniques for a enjoyable bicycle tour while using Stillachtal:

Ride south in the marketplace in Oberstdorf using the Prinzenstrasse for that Loretto chapels (about 1 km available on the market.

The Josefkapelle has lots of baroque artworks for viewing

Carrying out a chapels, there’s a left inside the Scheibenhaus towards the Apfelbaumallee. After about 800 meters, we mix the road to Spielmannsau and achieve the conclusion within the alley for that Zimmeroybridge. Have a very left upwards within the Stillach river. We consider the valley to discover among the largest Ski Jumps on the planet, the Heini Klopfer Ski Jump.

Inside the Gschlief using the Lawinengalerie (Avalanche Gallery), we return to the road but make use of the bicyle way across the right on the doorstep that passes the gallery.

We continue along Dammweg within the Stillach river which merges shortly prior to the automobile automobile automobile parking space Faistenoy towards the primary street. We stay with this street and stay with it lower towards the valley until we achieve public transit station Birgsau. Ideas enter across the left towards the hotel and restaurant Birgsau. You’ll have a meal here, make use of the surroundings and drive back across the old Birgsauer Strasse. After passing the Coffee shop Anatsstein we return to the road to Oberstdorf at Anatswald.

If you wish to return to Oberstdorf, continue concerning this street. If you wish to keep on your tour to Schwand, mix the little bridge within the Stillach river. Have a very right after the brigde and immediatly a left in which the street forces you to the Fellhornbahn then to Schwand.

Cycling in Germany: the most beautiful bike paths

Out of this level you can have a very short visit to the Ski Jump or possibly the superbly located Freibergsee (Freiberg Lake.)

Round the extended ago, we make use of the same route completely to Schwand, have a very left and drive within the Schwandsteige for the ft in the Ski Jump. Within the alley you’ll find the appropriate route to the Zimmeroybruecke (bridge). Have a very left carrying out a bridge within the Dammweg close to the Stillach river. Just before for that Stillachbruecke (bridge), we leave Dammweg and return to Oberstdorf via Meyersoygasse.

There are lots of routes you can venture on. For more information call among the below bike rental places (you’re going to get maps too):

Bike rentals in and near Oberstdorf:

1) Bikesport Kinzel

2) Fahrradverleih Hasselberger

3) Fahrradverleih Heckmair

4) Fahrradverleih Kreittner

It is really an demonstration of your skill in Oberstdorf on a journey in Germany. If you want find out more about Oberstdorf, we compiled a much more comprehensive Oberstdorf travel guide together with local residents that gives unique travel insider tips you should use during you Germany vacation.