The first thought that comes to mind when anyone comes across the name Mumbai remains a thickly populated city with towering buildings, modern facilities, crisscrossing roads, and huge traffic. 

However, the business capital of India, Mumbai too has a few hidden serene places within its folds of busy streets and city life. Here are three such places where couples might find their long-cherished we-time right in the heart of Mumbai. 

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is one of the most popular privacy places for couples in Mumbai that even many Bollywood pictures find perfect for shooting romantic scenes. The cosy vibe of this place undoubtedly can be ascribed to the roaring waves of the Arabian Sea, somehow separating the visitors from Mumbai’s urban charms. Sharing a plate of chat or street food, facing the splashing waves, with your beloved can be a perfect way to celebrate your relationship. 

Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand is another popular spot in Mumbai where thousands of couples flock and yet the place never loses its serenity. The 1.2 km long walking trail along the margins of the Arabian Sea makes for a great escapade for all who wish to enjoy some romantic time enjoying the celestial spectacle of the sun setting on the sea. 

Versova Rock Beach

To ditch the crowd of the city, you do not have to go far. Cross the Juhu beach bustle and you will find this serene place, Versova Rock Beach. The uneven outcrops of ancient rocks and the waves crashing against them to drench you from time to time with splashes make this place unbeatable in terms of beauty and peace. 

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